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ExpertMoney is South Africa’s fastest-growing financial information portal dedicated to promoting financial literacy and connecting individuals with reputable financial services providers.

With a monthly audience of over 100,000 visitors, we’re committed to providing high-quality content, resources, and tools to help South Africans make informed financial decisions and access trustworthy services.

Our visitors primarily come from popular news sites like MSN, CNN, Fox, Huffington Post, and Business Insider, ensuring that we attract high-value visitors who are genuinely interested in financial services and education.

As we continue to invest in human and technology resources, ExpertMoney is poised for exponential growth, allowing us to deliver the best content to our readers and high-value leads to our partners.

Our mission is to improve financial well-being and foster a stronger, more prosperous South Africa by bridging the gap between consumers and reliable financial service providers, through a combination of comprehensive education and strategic partnerships.

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About Us