Here are 100 ideas for making money in South Africa, keeping in mind that not all ideas will be suitable for everyone and may require different levels of skills, capital, and time commitment, but you may just FIND YOUR NEXT BIG IDEA!!

  1. Start a Tutoring Service: Offer tutoring services in subjects you’re skilled in, such as maths, science, languages, etc.
  2. Blogging: Start a blog in a niche you’re passionate about and monetize it through ads, affiliate marketing, and sponsored posts.
  3. Personal Fitness Training: If you’re into fitness, start offering personal training services.
  4. Pet Sitting: Offer pet sitting services when owners are away.
  5. Home Cleaning Services: Start a home cleaning business.
  6. Mobile Car Wash: Start a mobile car wash and detailing service.
  7. Freelance Writing: Offer your writing services on platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, or Freelancer.
  8. Graphic Design: If you’re skilled in graphic design, offer your services to businesses.
  9. Baking and Catering: Start a home-based baking or catering business.
  10. Photography: Offer professional photography services for events, portraits, or commercial use.
  11. Gardening Services: Offer services like landscaping, garden maintenance, and plant care.
  12. Airbnb: If you have a spare room or a guest house, list it on Airbnb.
  13. Home-Based Hair Salon: If you’re a skilled hairstylist, start a home-based salon.
  14. E-commerce: Sell products online via platforms like Takealot or your own online store.
  15. Personal Chef: Offer your services as a personal chef for busy families or individuals.
  16. Virtual Assistant: Provide virtual assistance services such as data entry, email management, and scheduling.
  17. Childcare Services: Start a daycare or babysitting service.
  18. Dropshipping: Start a dropshipping business using platforms like Shopify.
  19. T-shirt Printing: Start a custom T-shirt printing business.
  20. Podcasting: Start a podcast on a topic you’re passionate about and monetize through sponsorships.
  21. YouTube Channel: Create content on YouTube and earn through ad revenue.
  22. Homemade Crafts: Sell homemade crafts on platforms like Etsy.
  23. Selling eBooks: Write and sell eBooks on platforms like Amazon Kindle.
  24. Sell Stock Photos: If you’re a good photographer, sell your photos on stock platforms like Shutterstock.
  25. Real Estate Investing: Invest in properties to rent out or sell for a profit.
  26. Music Lessons: If you’re a skilled musician, offer music lessons.
  27. Event Planning: Start an event planning business.
  28. Interior Designing: Offer interior design services.
  29. SEO Consultant: Offer search engine optimization services to businesses.
  30. Laundry Services: Start a laundry and ironing service.
  31. Affiliate Marketing: Promote products and earn a commission on every sale made through your referral link.
  32. Home-Based Tailoring: Start a home-based tailoring and alterations service.
  33. Farming: Start a small-scale farming business.
  34. Food Truck: Start a food truck business.
  35. Personal Shopping: Offer personal shopping services.
  36. Wedding Planning: Start a wedding planning business.
  37. Fashion Designing: Design and sell your own clothing line.
  38. Homemade Beauty Products: Make and sell homemade beauty products.
  39. Mobile App Development: Develop and sell mobile apps.
  40. Resume Writing: Offer resume and cover letter writing services.
  41. Social Media Management: Offer social media management services to businesses.
  42. Web Development: Develop and maintain websites for clients.
  43. Recycling Business: Start a recycling collection service.
  44. Used Car Dealership: Start a used car dealership.
  45. Import/Export Business: Start an import/export business.
  46. Peer-to-Peer Lending: Invest in peer-to-peer lending platforms.
  47. Stock Market Trading: Learn and start trading in the stock market.
  48. Digital Marketing Consultant: Offer digital marketing services to businesses.
  49. Property Management: Start a property management company.
  50. Bed and Breakfast: Start a bed and breakfast if you have the space.
  51. Voice-over Services: Offer your voice for ads, animations, and more.
  52. Personal Branding Consultancy: Help individuals build and maintain their personal brands.
  53. Sell Handmade Jewelry: Design and sell handmade jewellery online.
  54. Drone Photography: Offer drone photography services.
  55. Tour Guide: Start a local tour guide service.
  56. Bicycle Rental: Start a bicycle rental service, especially in tourist areas.
  57. Transcription Services: Offer transcription services for businesses.
  58. Translation Services: If you’re multilingual, offer translation services.
  59. Home Staging: Start a home staging business for real estate sales.
  60. Pool Cleaning Service: Start a pool cleaning and maintenance service.
  61. Mobile Veterinary Clinic: Start a mobile vet clinic.
  62. Food Delivery Service: Start a local food delivery service.
  63. Home Organizing Services: Help people declutter and organize their homes.
  64. Online Courses: Create and sell online courses on topics you’re an expert in.
  65. Create an SA-focused Travel Blog/Website: Share insights, tips, and guides about travelling in South Africa.
  66. Meal Prep Business: Prepare and deliver weekly meals for busy individuals.
  67. Life Coaching: Become a life coach.
  68. Courier Service: Start a local courier service.
  69. Solar Power Installation: Start a solar power installation business.
  70. Start a Podcast: Share your knowledge or interview experts in a specific field.
  71. Online Tutoring: Offer online tutoring in subjects you’re an expert in.
  72. Handmade Furniture Business: Create and sell your handmade furniture.
  73. Subscription Box Service: Start a subscription box service based on a niche you’re passionate about.
  74. Sell Plants Online: If you love gardening, grow and sell plants online.
  75. Video Production Services: Offer video production services to businesses.
  76. Sell Digital Products: Sell digital products like templates, printables, digital art, etc.
  77. Mobile Massage Therapy: Offer mobile massage services.
  78. Sell Handmade Soap: Make and sell your handmade soap.
  79. Nail Salon: Start a nail salon.
  80. YouTube Tutorials: Teach something you’re good at on YouTube.
  81. Produce Market: Start a produce market selling local goods.
  82. Coffee Shop: Start a local coffee shop.
  83. Consulting in Your Professional Field: If you’re an expert in your field, offer consulting services.
  84. Personal Training Online: Offer personal training services online.
  85. Computer Repair Service: Start a computer repair service.
  86. Sell Locally Made Products: Sell products made locally in South Africa.
  87. Vlogging: Start a vlog about your daily life or a specific topic you’re passionate about.
  88. Proofreading and Editing Service: Offer proofreading and editing services.
  89. Home Renovation Services: Start a home renovation service.
  90. Start a Book Club: Start a local or online book club and monetize it through membership fees.
  91. Art Dealer: If you’re into art, become an art dealer.
  92. Game Development: Develop and sell your own video games.
  93. Custom-Made Clothing: Design and sell custom-made clothing.
  94. Personalized Gift Service: Start a personalized gift service.
  95. Music Production: Produce music for local artists or for sale online.
  96. Sell eBooks: Write and sell your own eBooks.
  97. Online Tech Support: Provide technical support services remotely.
  98. Home Cooking Lessons: Teach cooking lessons from your home or online.
  99. Cryptocurrency Trading: Learn about cryptocurrency and start trading on various platforms.
  100. Mobile Yoga Studio: If you’re a certified yoga instructor, consider offering mobile yoga classes where you visit clients at their homes or businesses.

Remember, it’s important to thoroughly research and plan any business venture. Consider the startup costs, the market demand, and your personal interests and skills. Don’t hesitate to seek advice from industry professionals or successful entrepreneurs, either.

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